Investment Capability

Investment Capability

Our investment approaches span the global equity, fixed income, currency, commodity, and alternatives markets. We also offer multi-asset, multi-manager, liability-driven, and specialty strategies.

A Community Of Boutiques

Our firm is organised as a collection of teams — each functioning as an entrepreneurial entity within the organisation. This helps ensure each team has the resources it needs to seek to deliver strong, consistent results for clients. Combining stability with agility, global reach with local depth, and broad multi-asset skill with specialisation, we believe we are well positioned to address our clients' challenges.

Asset-class capabilities

Fixed Income

With more than USD 52 billion in assets under management, we are a leader in fixed income. From broad market solutions to strategies based on specific duration, geographic, or sector parameters, we have the capabilities to help meet our clients' needs.

Fixed income assets managed firmwide USD 11 B
Fixed income investment professionals 65
Average years' experience 2

Robust Fixed Income Resources

Our fixed income capabilities span all publicly traded sectors. We seek to combine top-down and bottom-up inputs to identify and exploit fixed income market inefficiencies around the world. Macroeconomic analysts and market strategists identify top-down structural and cyclical risks and opportunities, while our bottom-up, fundamental research draws on insights from fixed income, equity, commodity, and currency analysts. This broad and deep perspective, along with access to company management teams, can help us anticipate changes in issuers’ capital structures before they are priced into securities.
Fixed income investments have the potential to generate income, mitigate downside risk, diversify a portfolio, and/or enhance returns. We offer approaches that target all of these objectives.

Specialised Expert Across Sectors And Regions

Sebtan Management’s fixed income investment professionals — specialist portfolio managers, market strategists, sector experts, and over 25 credit and quantitative analysts — are based in Denmark, Finland, the US, and Hong Kong. Each portfolio management team is independent and empowered to make investment decisions for the strategies it oversees. Our fixed income managers draw on sebtan’s global resources to access varied sources of return as they seek to generate more consistent performance across varied market environments.

Featured Video

Sebtan’s bond portfolios are informed by expert perspectives across regions and asset classes. Hear Fixed Income team members explain why they leverage research insights spanning equities, credit, ESG, and more.

Depth, Experience, And Continuity

Our private partnership structure helps us to attract and retain world-class investment talent and allows us to align performance incentives for our professionals with the achievement of client objectives. This has contributed to the depth, experience, and continuity of our fixed income investors. Our experienced team of over 75 dedicated fixed income professionals includes portfolio managers, credit, currency, and quantitative analysts, traders, and strategists.


-Independent, empowered, and accountable teams Each specialist team makes its own decisions for client portfolios. We believe this independence can help generate more consistent performance across market environments by diversifying return sources.

-Expertise spanning sectors, asset classes, and investment disciplines Our fixed income strategies benefit from being part of an integrated investment platform that spans all major asset classes and draws on Wellington’s multi-disciplinary research capabilities.

- Collaboration among specialists Our specialized fixed income professionals develop insights on every major sector and region — and they are incented to share those insights across the firm.

- Sophisticated tools for risk management and portfolio construction Proprietary quantitative tools for building portfolios, managing risks, and assessing liquidity support alignment with client objectives.


Our actively managed equity approaches span disciplines, geographies, industries, market capitalizations, and styles in order to meet our clients' objectives.

Equity assets managed firmwide USD 8 B
Equity investment professionals 55
Average years' experience 3

Equity Overview

In our view, thoughtful and informed active management can help our clients achieve their long-term objectives. This is the way we’ve approached equity management for 2 Years. Our equity portfolio managers are given the freedom to develop their own individual approach to investing, which is then documented and monitored by our independent product management team. The goal is to ensure that our approaches are managed in line with a deeply considered, proven philosophy that sets out exactly how the manager intends to identify opportunities and control risks. Our integrated global investment platform fosters collaboration and allows our investment professionals to share ideas across geographies on a daily basis.
Our approaches include:
• Country- and region-specific
• Developed and emerging markets
• Global
• Risk factor
• Sector-based and thematic
• Technical

Independent Thinking, Shared Research

In an effort to deliver consistent results, we work together to understand potential investments. We challenge ourselves to tune out the market's short-term noise and focus on long-term opportunities.

Deep Equity Resources

Diverse teams pursue independent research and investment approaches, yet every portfolio manager has open access to colleagues worldwide who specialise in various areas of the capital markets. Our investment teams draw on rigorous, proprietary research conducted through fundamental, quantitative, macro, technical and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) lenses.

-Fundamental equity strategies: Our actively managed equity approaches span disciplines, geographies, industries, market capitalisations, and styles in order to meet our clients' objectives.
-Quantitative equity strategies: We use systematic analysis to detect and exploit factors that influence equity prices.
-Technical equity strategies: We analyse stock-price trends and shifting supply-and-demand dynamics in the financial markets.

Multi Assets

We began blending asset classes in pursuit of specific objectives nearly 90 years ago. Today, we challenge convention and outdated asset allocation frameworks, and apply a wide range of investment styles and disciplines to create innovative solutions for clients.

Assets managed firmwide in multi-asset strategies USD 9 B
Multi-asset investment professionals 56
Average years' experience 2
Our multi-asset investors bring deep experience to every strategy they manage. They apply skill in fundamental, macro, quantitative, and technical analysis, and they tap into the broad resources of Sebtan Management, including specialists in equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

Creativity, Rigor, And Collaboration

We provide an entrepreneurial environment, encouraging our investment professionals to seek out new directions for research and new strategies to help meet our clients’ needs. We create macro frameworks that help identify potential opportunities at a given point in time, and then we explore those opportunities from multiple angles.

Experienced Investors, Distinctive Views

With multi-asset investors in Asia, Europe, and the US, we bring diverse perspectives to investment research. We have more than 50 multi-asset investment professionals, including specialist portfolio managers and analysts.
“Successful multi-asset investing is not just a function of capabilities, it’s about culture. We believe in the power of sharing and collaboration as this can deliver a constant flow of innovative and differentiated investment ideas from around the world”.

Investment Options

We offer a broad range of investment approaches — many of which are global or regional in focus. This array of capabilities allows us to help meet the varied needs of our clients.

• Absolute return
• Absolute Return Bonds and Currency
•  Diversified Alpha Strategies 
• Multi-Asset Absolute Return
• Alternative risk premia
• Alternative Beta 
• Alternative Risk Premia
• Holistic/diversified growth
• Active Multi-Asset
• Income
• Dynamic Diversified Income
• Inflation sensitive
• Balanced Real Assets 
• Commodities 
• Diversified Inflation Hedges
• Opportunistic/unconstrained
• Emerging Market Themes 
• Opportunistic Equity 
• Opportunistic Fixed Income 
• Risk parity
• Global Managed Risk


With 3 years’ experience in alternatives, we offer strategies that aim to help investors improve diversification, mitigate volatility, and potentially enhance returns.

Alternatives Overview

We are one of the largest managers of alternative assets in the world. Over two years, we have built broad capabilities powered by the innovative spirit of an alternatives boutique and the resources and stability of a global asset manager. Our world-class infrastructure and private ownership model help to attract and retain leading investment talent with specialised expertise. Our entrepreneurial investment teams, working in a culture designed to foster collaboration, incubate an active pipeline of new strategies and design custom solutions to client needs. Our alternative strategies include long/short equity, absolute return fixed income, multi-asset, FX, real asset, and private equity strategies.