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Gold and other Precious Metals:(Enter the gold market without breaking the bank.)

Sebtan is one of the leading assets management firm which deals on precious metals like Gold and Silver, providing investment solutions that enable investors to intelligently build and diversify their portfolios.

Adding a precious metals allocation to a diversified stock bond portfolio has historically increased portfolio efficiency –as measured by increasing Sharpe ratios– compared to a diversified portfolio without an allocation to precious metals.

Precious metals act as core risk management tools for investors by providing effective diversification against risk assets to help reduce performance drawdowns during equity market volatility and serving as a hedge against extreme events and market turmoil.

Evaluating precious metals as a distinct asset class, separate from other commodities and alternative investments, confirms proper exposure to precious metals is achieved for investors to properly utilise the benefits within portfolios.

Despite being one of the oldest financial instruments, however, precious metals largely remain an underutilized and overlooked investment option for many investors’ portfolios. We present an opportunity for many to further diversify and benefit from the distinct investment characteristics precious metals have historically offered within an asset allocation.