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We are a multi-strategy Assets management firm that's dedicated to delivering uncorrelated performance and providing clients with world-class service.

Sebtan Capital

We are committed to active assets management-with a focus on helping our clients achieve good investment outcome .

Investing with purpose

We use our insight to connect to opportunities that grow our clients capital while laying the foundation for a better future .

Our What We Do

Sebtan is one of the leading assets management firm which deals on precious metals like Gold and Silver, providing investment solutions that enable investors to intelligently build and diversify their portfolios.

The goal is to ensure that our approaches are managed in line with a deeply considered, proven philosophy that sets out exactly how the manager intends to identify opportunities and control risks.

By investing across an exceptionally broad range of assets and markets, our multi-asset strategies are built to target specific investment outcomes.

We have a deep understanding of real estate’s ability to provide a wide variety of investment opportunities.

Sebtan trading program offers attractive managed fund services tapping into this huge market using proven manumatic trading strategy which is the combination of superior trading systems and highly experienced fund managers .

We are Sebtan

Our History

Sebtan provides institutional and individual investors with a broad array of equity, fixed income, Stock, and Forex products designed to meet long-term goals since since 2017. Our clients currently entrust $52 billion worth of Assets (as of March 28th, 2019) designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns. Sebtan was built on the cornerstones of intelligence, experience, and conviction that we believe clients expect from us as an Assets Management firm.


Why Us

Why Choose Sebtan

We believe in making the complex, simpler—whether you work with us in person, on the phone, or online. From investing to financial planning and pricing, our goal is to be straightforward and help with your unique needs.


Innovative solutions to move your Finances Forward

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A different kind of workplace culture

Sebtan has built a culture that is distinctly different from other asset management firms. We encourage a collaborative environment that supports a diverse range of professionals. From our benefits to our career development programs, we believe in people first. Whether you're a client or a candidate, we hope you'll notice the Sebtan difference..

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