Multi Assets

Multi Assets

Multi-asset investing is particularly relevant in the current environment, where the risks associated with individual asset classes such as equities,bonds and crypto may be expected to increase . Combining the freedom and expertise to invest/Trade across a wide spectrum of asset classes, markets and instruments, our multi-asset strategies offer access to a wide universe of opportunity – and help clients reach their investing goals

Why multi-asset:

By investing across an exceptionally broad range of assets and markets, our multi-asset strategies are built to target specific investment outcomes. The underlying objectives of nearly all investors are to grow and preserve wealth or generate income with as little risk as possible. However, no single asset class works well all the time. Reliably meeting these universal and enduring needs lies at the core of multi-asset investing.

Delivering return, managing risk:

Actively allocating across multiple asset classes adjusts portfolios to the changing environment and diversifies risk so multi-asset can target the particular investment objectives of our clients. Sebtan is at the forefront of multi-asset investing. We have developed a range of advanced, flexible solutions that invest across multiple asset classes in order to target positive returns while at the same time, constraining and controlling risk. Whether investors are looking for lower-cost, traditional multi-asset products, more advanced or alternative/ niche strategies, we have the scale and experience to provide a multi-asset solution to meet their needs and priorities.

Broad investment universe:

Our multi-asset strategies can invest across a broad range of asset classes and geographies, allowing us to invest wherever we see the best opportunities for returns. For example, alongside traditional equity/bond investments, we can invest to profit from our views on currencies, interest rates, inflation and volatility. Similarly, we can invest to gain exposure to particular industry sectors and themes across the globe, such as renewable infrastructure and social housing. In this way, we aim to give clients access to more return potential, more ways to diversify risk and – ultimately – greater opportunity to meet their goals.