In our view, thoughtful and informed active management can help our clients achieve their long-term objectives. This is the way we’ve approached Stock management for since 2016. Our equity portfolio managers are given the freedom to develop their own individual approach , which is then documented and monitored by our independent product management team. The goal is to ensure that our approaches are managed in line with a deeply considered, proven philosophy that sets out exactly how the manager intends to identify opportunities and control risks. Our integrated global investment platform fosters collaboration and allows our investment professionals to share ideas across geographies on a daily basis.

Our approaches include:
• Country- and region-specific
• Developed and emerging markets
• Global
• Risk factor
• Sector-based and thematic
• Technical

Independent Thinking, Shared Research

In an effort to deliver consistent results, we work together to understand potential investments. We challenge ourselves to tune out the market's short-term noise and focus on long-term opportunities.

Deep Equity Resources

Diverse teams pursue independent research and investment approaches, yet every portfolio manager has open access to colleagues worldwide who Specialize in various areas of the capital markets. Our investment teams draw on rigorous, proprietary research conducted through fundamental, quantitative, macro, technical and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) lenses.

Solutions For A Variety Of Client Needs

Over 300 equity investment professionals around the world pursue independent research and investment approaches, while tapping colleagues worldwide in a highly communicative environment. We believe this combination of autonomy and collaboration is a powerful advantage when investing in the vast global equity markets.

Our global equity team is structured to foster autonomy and independence while ensuring a highly collaborative investment environment. Charles Lonsdale, Equity portfolio Manager
-Asia Technology
-Energy Global Environmental Opportunities
-Global Innovation
-Global Property
-Global Technology