Why Sebtan

Why Sebtan

We believe in making the complex, simpler—whether you work with us in person, on the phone, or online. From investing to financial planning and pricing, our goal is to be straightforward and help with your unique needs.

Make the most out of your financial life with easy-to-use tools and the latest professional insights from our team of specialists.

As your needs in life change, so does the help you require. At every turn, we're here to help you plan—from investment strategies, to complex wealth management needs, to managing your portfolio.

We understand the importance when it comes to the security of your family and your assets. That's why we use the latest technology to help protect your personal information and financial transactions.

Our strategic objectives reflect the shape of our business and our priorities for the future. Our primary focus is delivering for our clients and customers longterm – this means working to understand and meet their needs while building lasting partnerships.

We don’t stand still. We improve, challenge, learn and innovate to earn our place in the future. We are ambitious, our sights are set on excellence and our minds are open to ideas. We believe that developing innovative ‘new active’ investment solutions – which focus on investment outcomes instead of benchmarks – is key to the future growth of the business. We also work to identify and understand opportunities and trends that can help our company and industry innovate and improve. As part of our quantitative investment strategies, for example, we use machine learning techniques to identify and recall patterns in financial markets data.

We bring together our diverse talents, perspectives and insights and use our collective intelligence to deliver value. We remain true to our shared purpose, working as one team and with all our external partners to build better futures. To make sure we take the right actions for our business, one of our priorities is listening to our people’s views. We create opportunities for dialogue, both face to face and through the use of technology, connecting employees across the globe. They provide input to a range of strategic and operational initiatives.